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Want to support The Omega Project Directly?

The Omega Project is not a registered charity, however, donations made to the founder's personal journey directly support the initiative's efforts and operations. Our priority is ensuring that our educational resources  remain free and accessible to all those interested. Learn more about supporting this initiative directly below!



Raising awareness and training surrounding the issues of sex trafficking and exploitation.

  • Political circles

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Community groups

We educate, empower and equip community members on the realities of sex trafficking through speaking engagements, training sessions, awareness initiatives, research, curriculum development, and writing. The Omega Project has various age appropriate curriculums on the same topics, but focuses more on healthy relationship building for younger audiences.

Classroom Lecture
Charity Volunteers


Reaching out to areas where sex trafficking is known to happen.


Building volunteer teams •    

Identifying high-risk areas •    

Engaging individuals who are being trafficked •    

We meet individuals in high-risk areas, help support them in their needs, and walk with them in their journey of freedom. 



Engaging in strong rehabilitation strategies to assist those leaving situations of sexual exploitation.

  • Job skills

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Health

  • ​Therapy

We provide support, case management, advocacy, peer support, and rehabilitative services to survivors of sex trafficking.

Group therapy


Collaborating with other agencies or individuals to provide the best possible support and services to survivors.


Law Enforcement •    

Healthcare Workers •    

NGO’s •    

Rehab Centres •    

Legal Support •    

​Financial Planning •    

We actively seek to build partnerships with other community resources and agencies. 

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